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Eyam - Riley Graves

c. Sam & Ned

From William Wood1842 - Six head-stones and a tabular tomb record the memories of the Hancocks. The site of the graves was originally on the common, on the verge of which was the dwelling of the Hancocks and the stones, which lay horizontally and marked precisely the places of the graves, were placed in an upright position, and somewhat nearer together. Thomas Birds, Esq. caused these memorials to be put in a better state of preservation. He purchased the ground whereon they lay; but, since his death, or just before, it became the property of Thomas Burgoine, Esq. who for the better security of those relics has removed them still nearer each other, and erected a wall round them in the form of a heart. On the top of the tomb there is the following inscription :—
'John Hancock, sen., Buried August 7, 1666
Remember man
As thou goest by,
As tbou art now,
Even once was I;
As I doe now
So must tbou lie,
Remember man
That thou must die."

On the four sides of the tomb are the words— Horam, Nescitis, Orate, Vigilate.
On the headstones the inscriptions are as follows :—
Elizabeth Hancock, Buried Aug. 3, 1666.
John Hancock, Buried Aug. 3, 1666.
Oner Hancock, Buried Aug. 7, 1666.
William Hancock, Buried Aug. 7, 1666.
Alice Hancock, Buried Aug. 9, 1666.
Ann Hancock, Buried Aug. 10, 1666.

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